When it comes to Christmas, there are a few things that can raise the stress levels a little; trailing the crammed shops to find the perfect gifts, the epic task of erecting and decorating the tree just so, and one that I personally find has me pulling my hair out each year – finding the perfect dress for your Christmas night out.

With fast fashion and internet shopping at an all time high, it’s no wonder we see more and more of our local shops and boutiques closing every day, and it’s even less surprising when you show up to the party and three other people have on the same sparkly number that you bagged online for £20 and felt super smug about it. Awkward.

We hear the phrase fast fashion being thrown about more and more these days, but what exactly does that mean? Generally we’re talking about poorly constructed runway knock offs that warrant one or two wears before being stashed in the back of the wardrobe, never to be seen again until the next charity shop clear out.

‘What’s wrong with that you might ask? These garments are cheap? Right?’ They keep you up to date with the latest trends and it’s no big deal when you decide you don’t like them anymore because you only paid £20 for that balloon sleeved sweater, right?’ Then it’s off to the charity shop you go!

It really couldn’t be more wrong. Now I’m not saying that the British highstreet doesn’t have a wonderful and well earned place in today’s fashion market, Topshop, Zara, H&M and beyond all provide incredible gateways for young designers and form the building blocks in their journey towards a more couture based career path, and lord knows even I call upon Primark in times of need, but when did that clothes that for a moment we loved SO much, become so… disposable? 

Why is it that In a world that’s evolving to be more environmentally conscious every day; carrying our hydro flasks to avoid plastic waste, refusing to leave the house without a canvas shopping bag stashed in the bottom of our handbags, that we find it completely acceptable to treat time consumingly stitched, beautiful pieces of clothing as single use items?

If you ask me, we need to start treating our clothes with a little more respect. Hands up if you have a dress hiding in the back of your wardrobe that you’ve worn once to some glam event then never worn again? I know I’ve got a few of those! Well you’re not alone.

Let me give you a few facts…

  • 80 billion pieces of new clothing are consumed each year. How many of those do you think are worn only a handful of times? Global clothing production has doubled over the last 15 years, with garments being worn much less and being discarded much faster. 
  • There are over 40 million garment workers in the world, and the sad reality is that many of them to not share the rights or protections that people in the West do, meaning that they are often not only grossly underpaid, but subjected to poor working conditions. When we buy from stores that mass produce these cheap tems, we are affecting individual people, 85% of whom are women, usually trying to support their families.
  • Clothing made from polyester can take over 200 years to break down, so when we throw last seasons out of trend items away, they don’t just disappear. 
  • And then there’s the environmental factors. The fashion industry’s consumption of resources – like water and oil – is expected to double by 2030. The carbon emissions produced by textile factories are phenomenally high. Pretty scary, right?

So what do we mean when we talk about sustainable fashion? It’s about more than just using recycled materials, or picking up something from your local charity shop now and then. It’s about social change, and adjusting our attitudes when it comes to how we shop. It’s about fighting for workers rights to ensure that they are treated and paid fairly, and it’s about reducing the impact on the planet as much as possible when producing clothing.

There are so many ways that you can shop sustainably these days too, and it doesn’t mean making massive changes, you can start small – like having a quick Google for sustainable fashion brands. You can find local clothes swaps happening in your area where you can swap your unwanted items for someone else’s unloved treasure. We can shop on ebay and Depop where you can find some absolute gems in mint condition, and instead of spending hundreds of pounds on that stunning evening dress that you’re going to wear once then bury in the clothing graveyard.  You can HIRE an amazing dress from somewhere like Must Have Dresses, and dazzle in a gorgeous new outfit, every time you have to glam up, for a fraction of the price. 

Must Have Dresses are a dress hire company who have been flourishing online for some time, and have now opened a premises at 131 Rosemount place. Owner Vish and her team at this fabulous store can take all of the stress out of finding that perfect glitzy outfit without spending a fortune, and more importantly without the waste when that new dress inevitably finds its place at the back of the wardrobe immediately after its debut. 

Must Have Dresses also stock gorgeous jewellery by Varna Breeze

You can visit the store, either by dropping by or by making an appointment, and the lovely ladies at the store will act as a personal shopper, helping you try on and find the perfect showstopper to make sure you are the belle of the ball – and the best bit is, all you need to do is drop it off after the event and they’ll even dry clean it for you too – result! 

Must Have dresses stock unique and independent companies and designers such as Forever Unique, Amanda Wakely, Nadine Merabi and To The Nines, who created the absolute knockout of a dress that I’m pictured wearing below. Literally the fanciest thing I’ve ever worn and I felt like a bloody princess (apart the manky hair and peely wally face…you can’t have it all, right?!).

With a stunning selection of handpicked dresses, there’s something for absolutely any occasion, from floor length sequins for rubbing shoulders with the beau monde at an awards do, to simple and chic two-pieces to attend an elegant wedding. I really can’t think of a single reason not to visit them this festive season.

Check them out at or on Instagram here.

Until next time,

B x

Resin & Rose bespoke jewellery: Small brand spotlight. [gifted]

Handmade ring made by Resin and Rose

With even the high street struggling to be successful in today’s world of fast fashion and cheap internet sales, it’s becoming more and more important to support the little guys out there who are still working hard to bring us quality handmade products at affordable prices.

Britain is still full to the brim with amazing creatives, passionate about sharing their designs with the world, but it’s oh so easy for them to get lost amongst the sea of Primark wearing fast fashionistas, all wearing the same set of £1.99 earrings that are most on trend that week. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not over here trying to pretend that I don’t also go swimming in that sea on a regular basis; a girl on a tight budget’s gotta do what she has to now and then! But how refreshing and gratifying it is to be able to support some of the small brands who are out there working their arses off, as often as we can.

This week I’m showing a little love for Leicester based company, Resin & Rose.

About the brand…

Resin & Rose was started by the lovely Emily back in 2017. Emily is a former art and photography teacher who swapped secondary school teaching for family life after having two little ones, but missing the using her natural creativity, began dabbling in resin based jewellery, She is entirely self taught and can be found exhibiting at craft fares, and luckily for you, now sells her wares online too.

Resin and Rose handmade jewellery

Emily creates gorgeous bespoke resin jewellery, filled with a wonderful array of glitters, foils, beads, and everything else a jewellery loving magpie such as myself could hope for! Her pieces are unique, eye-catching and so obviously made with love.

I was very kindly gifted these fabulous peach coloured, glitter filled pieces after expressing my love for them over on the Resin & Rose Instagram, so a huge thank you to Emily for that! As someone who is known for never leaving the house without a pair of statement earrings, and usually one accessory too many, these little beauties just stole my heart. Perfectly fitting in with Spring’s nude/pastel based palette, these gorgeous handcrafted pieces are the perfect way to add a little playfulness and sparkle to any outfit.

As mentioned, all Resin & Rose pieces are totally bespoke, so there really is something for everyone, but here are a few of the pieces taking the top spots on my mental shopping list…

Triangular Pendant – £14, Adjustable Bangle – £14, Stud Earrings – £6

Add any of these little darlings to something as simple as a plain black tee and jeans to really elevate your style with a pop of colour!

You can check these out along with the rest of the gorgeous collection over at or by giving their Insta a follow at

What wonderful gifts any of Resin & Rose’s pretty pieces would make next time you want to buy someone something truly unique to show them you care, but if you ask me, the best kinds of gifts are the ones we buy for ourselves…


B x

[These products were gifted, but all views as always are my own.]