The Makeup Revolution foundations you NEED in your life!

Just as I was about ready to give up on my eternally weary quest for that seemingly mythical, always just out of reach, product of dreams – the perfect drug store foundation, BOOM! Makeup Revolution come to the rescue once again with not one, but TWO newly certified favourites that I just don’t know how I got by without before!

This brand has been speedily working it’s way up the charts when it comes to my favourite makeup brands on the market today – we’re talking top five here guys, this is big! I’d be lying if I said that one of the reasons wasn’t the affordability factor, but the incredible quality of the majority of the range is really putting them up there with the big boys, and no more so than with the Pro range.

I’m sure like many of you out there, when the Pro range first stumbled on to my radar, I got to thinking – ‘what’s the catch?’. There’s got to be a sizable hike in price or something, right?

Could it really be a that a pro quality range is available on the high street for the same budget friendly price range as the everyday Revolution collection? Well actually, yes! And I bloody love it, so obviously I had to share my views on these two top notch foundations with you all so that we can put those extra pennies back in to the gin fund for when the weekend comes around.

Makeup Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation – £5.

These little beauties have been getting a whole lot of hype lately, and for good reason.

Since trying the Makeup Forever stick foundation a couple of years ago and being pretty blown away by it, I’ve constantly been keeping an ear to the ground for a cruelty free version that would live up to it’s standard. Revolution have really hit it out of the park with this one, but it might not be perfect for everyone.

The foundation comes in 18 shades with a range of undertones, and aims to leave a dewy finish. I picked up F1 and F3. Believe it or not, F1 (the lightest shade) was too pale for even my pasty skin! I figured F2 would be my ideal shade, but as per my usual luck, it was out of stock. I was too full of determination to go home with the foundation every one had been talking about to leave empty handed, so instead I opted to go with a combination of F1 and F3 and hope for the best.

Swatches of the three shades I’ve been trying.

When blended the two together, it was actually a pretty damn good match! If anything it was a little pink, but by the time I slapped on the rest of my face, I was kind of loving the result.

It was full coverage, super glowy, and melted on to the skin like butter. One thing I will say is that I had to powder the hell out of my face to set it. Talk about hydrating! At this point I was starting to get a little worried, as usually no matter what I try, I’m just that wee bit oily a few hours in to any foundation.

I wasn’t wrong, later in the day the shine was becoming real, you would be in real trouble if you didn’t have a touch up kit with you, so I wouldn’t consider this for a night out makeup, but it’s an MUA’s dream for flawless looking models putting in a short stint in front of the camera.

This foundation would definitely be best suited to those with slightly drier/less oil prone skin.

Revolution Pro Full Coverage Camouflage foundation – £7.

Ok put down whatever it is you’re doing right now and PAY ATTENTION.

If you’ve already tried the Fast Base stick and loved it, prepare to fall harder for this absolute hero right here.

I stumbled upon it by accident while looking for an eyeliner, and I have to admit that it’s not one I’ve heard many people talking about, and I just can’t understand why not! When they say full coverage, they ain’t messing. The formula is thick and creamy, and blends seamlessly in to the skin. It reminds me of Illamasqua’s Skin Base, but with even better coverage!

I picked up shade F2, which as suspected was just right. Actually I’ll take that back, on first impression it was a little pale, but after a couple of minutes it did oxidise a tiny bit (which would normally be a bad thing, but in this case just works) and then it was just perfect!

Now prepare yourselves kids because things are about to get scary…but I’ve decided to take an extra dose of brave pills and show you my (half) naked face, just to give you a real view if how badass this coverage actually is! So here goes…

Half face, full base, then finished result.

Ok now that we’ve had a minute to get over the fact that I’m secretly a spotty little gremlin, can we just look at that coverage?! I mean wow!

I’m not going to lie and say that this somehow magically feels lightweight, it doesn’t, you can definitely tell that you’re wearing make up, but so long as you’ve got time to really let it set on, you won’t regret it. It’s even WATERPROOF. And here’s the real winner for me; this is the first foundation I think I’ve ever found that does not sink in to my smile lines, I’m actually amazed, as this is no mean feat, I smile a hell of a lot!

So well done once again Revolution I’m sure I’ll be seeing you again, and again, very soon.

Have any if you tried these foundations? Let me know what you think!

B x

P.s. This is not an ad. All views are my own!