When I use the phrase ‘the most wonderful time of the year’, I really mean it. For me, there’s no time more magical than Christmas – from the fact that mulled wine and party food become a completely acceptable meal replacement on a nightly basis, to wearing a tacky Christmas jumper and getting a little too merry at the work Christmas party, I love every single moment of it.

For me though, the part that really makes it wonderful, is the giving (and let’s be honest, the receiving) of a gift that some one has put a world of thought in to, just to make someone else feel special. There’s nothing quite like seeing the sheer joy on the face of someone you love when you’ve hit the nail right on the head and chosen a gift that speaks to their soul, and that they’ll never forget.

Here’s the thing though, we’re all just SO BUSY these days, and the lure of grabbing a black Friday bargain during a quick online trawl over your meal deal on your lunch break is just far too tempting to resist for most.

Have you ever stopped to consider how much better you’d feel about gifting someone the perfect present, if that present not only came completely guilt free, but also came safe in the knowledge that you were actually benefitting people in your very own area who actually really need help, simply by buying that present?

Fortunately for you lucky things, Buy Social Scotland are here to help you shop as ethically as possible this Christmas. They’ve compiled a fabulous gift directory that focuses solely on supporting social enterprises all over Scotland.

What exactly is a social enterprise?

“Social enterprises are innovative, independent businesses that exist to deliver a specific social and/or environmental mission. Their profits are reinvested in their mission. Social enterprise is a dynamic, ethical and more sustainable way of doing business.”

Quite simply put, a social enterprise is a small business with a goal of making the world a better place, any profits they make are reinvested directly back in to their mission, and the best part is, there are a whole host of them right on your doorstep.

If the last couple of years have taught us anything, it’s the importance of supporting local, and by buying from a social enterprise, you’re not only supporting an individual business owner, you’re supporting whole communities.

With over 6000 social enterprises in Scotland alone, it can be hard knowing where to start, but thanks to the Buy Social Scotland gift directory, you have a selection of some of the most amazing vendors just a click away. To make it even easier for you, I’ve put together a few of my top picks for all of your gifting needs, so read on for all of the gift inspo you could possibly need!


Non plastic beach – Razor with blades – £19.50

Even the most hairy men in our lives are getting wise to the fact that plastic waste is a serious issue, so when it comes to shaving, there are steps that can be taken to help us all live more sustainably.

This plastic free safety razor set non only looks classy as a shaving set (which lets face it, is a classic gift for dads/hubbies/men everywhere!), but by buying this your man can look as suave as Bond without a hint of the guilty conscience that comes with purchasing disposable razors that typically end up in land fill every time. Win win!


Mara Stud Earrings by Isle Develop – £55

Is buying jewellery for women at Christmas a complete cliché? Absolutely. When the jewellery is this gorgeous do we give a damn? Absolutely not.

These absolutely stunning hand crafted fresh water pearl earrings are inspired by days of beach combing on the Scottish coast, and each pair will be unique, just like the wonderful woman in your life that you are gifting them to (cringe, I know, but true all the same).

The Social Enterprise that backs this charming producer Islewear is Isle 20, who are a directory supporting small island businesses.


The Chocolate Box by Social bite – £10.99 – £15.99.

…because which self proclaimed foodie wouldn’t want to receive a box of freshly made, gooey gorgeous brownies?! With a selection of delectable treats in flavours such as white chocolate and raspberry and chocolate orange being delivered right to your door, this is the ideal gift for, well, just about anyone really!

Born in Edinburgh, but now boasting five shops including one in our very own Aberdeen, Social Bite are a small chain of sandwich shops who’s primary aim is to break the cycle of homelessness. They provide supported job opportunities, with one in three of their employees having experienced homelessness in one way or themselves, and since March 2020 alone have provided 500,000 fresh food packs to those most in need, which if you ask me, is pretty flippin’ impressive.


Gift Vouchers for transition Extreme – £7.50 – £40.

Know someone small that spends more time on wheels than on their feet? Or that has always wanted to? Transition offer vouchers for everything from a skate park session to a one-on-one BMX coaching session. I guarantee your kid/niece/grandson will think you’re the coolest person ever with a gift like this.

Transition Extreme is an amazing youth focused charity, providing sporting activities to young people with the goal of reducing things like substance abuse and antisocial behaviour


Christmas Goodwill Spiced Gin, 50 cl – £36.99.

Gin that tastes like Christmas? I know I’m sold! This limited edition gin produced in Dingwall is not only a deliciously spiced tipple guaranteed to jazz up a cocktail at any Christmas party, but by buying this you are supporting true community spirit.

Goodwill gin, produced in Ben Wyviss in the Highlands, is the first ever 100% community owned distillery. Drinking GlenWyvis is also just about the most eco-conscious you could feel while getting a bit boozy with the distillery being entirely powered by wind, hydro, solar and biomass energy – How cool is that?!


Bambu Vegan’s Dream Gift Set – £36.99.

With everything that the planet saving, animal loving, eco warrior could need to live their best sustainable life. Featuring vegan wax food wraps, a bamboo toothbrush, and even reuseable cotton buds, this is the ideal gift for those trying to live a zero-waste existence.

The aim of Bambú is simple: to make a positive impact on the environment, healthcare and community by providing wholesome foods and eco-friendly products with less packaging.

With over 200 options on the Buy Social Scotland website alone, you really are spoiled for choice, so be sure to check it out, and buy a gift that is truly unique this Christmas. Buy a gift with purpose.

Have a fabulous festive season everybody.

Until next time,

B x

*This post was created in paid partnership with Buy Social Scotland.

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