Revolution Conceal & Define foundation…is it worth the hype?


There’s a new kid on the drug store makeup block that’s been making some serious waves, gathering accolades along the way such as ‘my new holy grail!’ and ‘miracle foundation!’, but is it really deserving of such powerful acclaims?

Revolutions new Conceal & Define full coverage foundation makes some pretty big claims, and has been garnering some exceptional reviews, so I had to see for myself what all the fuss was about (read: ran down to Superdrug the day it was launched and harassed a shop assistant to find it for me as they weren’t even out of the boxes yet…).

Along with about 90% of the cosmetics loving population, I fell head over heels for the now iconic Conceal & Define concealer when it was released earlier this year. As a budget friendly alternative to Tarte Shape Tape, we were getting all of the bang for a lot fewer bucks, life was sweet.

The only complaint that myself along with half of Instagram had to make was that it lasted such a short time. Well Revolution being the absolute babes that they are listened, and they delivered a solution to us in the form of Conceal & Define…SUPERSIZE! So now I think we can all agree that it’s pretty much perfect, no?

I’ve been trying the foundation out for the last few weeks – obviously to give it a really fair test drive, and nothing to do with the fact that I’m a complete shambles when it comes to scheduling blogging time… Moving on. Let’s talk packaging.

Well it’s just a bit beautiful, isn’t it? Its like a grown up, more lux version of the concealer, mirroring the Insta-worthy copper lid and label, but swapping out the plastic bottle for glass – which not only looks fab, but is more eco-friendly too, yay!

Conceal & Define foundation in F2 and concealer in C1.

“Is it any bloody good though?!” I hear you all ask. Well, yes. And no.

This is going to be a super unpopular opinion, but I really do have mixed feelings on this foundation, possibly because it has such big boots to fill in the shadow of the concealer, but for me it’s just not all that I had hoped and dreamed that it would be.

Let’s break it down.


To me when a foundation says it’s going to be full coverage, I want it to completely obliterate my own pesky skin from human sight, and I don’t feel like this one quite had the opacity that I really need. Blemishes were still visible and I had to apply two layers plus concealer to feel at my full Bianca Del Rio best.

For those with perfect skin, sure you’ll love it, but for never ending acne prone people like me, it’s just not quite there.


The first no from me is the jumbo doe-foot applicator. While this may be ideal for the concealer, it really doesn’t lend itself to easy foundation application. I have to dip it in and out at least ten times to get the amount of product that I want on my face, and as it’s quite a thin formula, I ALWAYS end up splattering it all over the place while I’m at it. Plus on a hygienic level, this certainly isn’t one you could use on clients easily. Swap this out for a pump and it would jump up a couple of places in my rankings immediately.

On a positive note, it blends easily and builds well, just make sure you work quickly as much like the Kat Von D lock it foundation, it dries on super quickly.


It’s not all negative here, I promise. The demi-matte finish is lovely and overall the foundation is great for everyday wear. It lasts well throughout the day, but as with most makeup on my nightmare skin, it does develop a bit of oiliness and a degree of separation as time goes on.

The finished result, no filters, no edits.

Just to be clear I do actually really like it! And for a tiny £9 you’re getting a really good quality product here, so please do give it a try because you might just love it, but for a full on night out beat, I feel like I definitely still need to level up.

Enter my absolute hero foundation, the Revolution Pro camouflage foundation, which you can see me gush about lovingly HERE. If you are ready to get serious about full coverage, this right here is your go-to guy, and all for £7!

Have you guys tried it for yourselves yet? If so what are your thoughts? I’d love to hear, so leave a comment!

Until next time,

B x

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