Belle Jorden X Obsession Makeup eyeshadow palette.

2018-10-19 078361197..jpg

When I heard that YouTube sensation and all round cool gal Belle Jorden was releasing a makeup line, it’s safe to say that I was more than a little bit excited. Given her cruelty free stance and endless stream of badass, fierce AF looks, I just knew that this was going to be good.

When I heard that the brand that Belle was collaborating with to bring us the range was Obsession Makeup and that the eye palette would cost just TEN tiny pounds, well, I damn near peed my pants.

For any of you that don’t already know, Obsession is the sister brand of this years biggest cosmetics sensation, Makeup Revolution, the brand that brings us high end quality at budget friendly prices. You may have heard me mention them once or twice… (read about 326 times because I frickin’ LOVE them!).

The range can be bought in Boots stores nationwide and online, and consists of a drop dead bloody gorgeous 16 shade eyeshadow palette, and a lip gloss collection made up of two nude coloured liquid lipsticks and a lipgloss to mix and match. Unfortunately the lip collection is like gold dust right now and is sold out online – not surprising given the £6 price tag! Devastatingly I wasn’t able to get my hands on it just yet, but she will be mine…oh yes, she WILL be mine…(Wayne’s World fans raise your hands!)

The palette is not only cruelty free, but vegan too.

The palette is an absolute beauty, jam packed with stunning autumnal shades plus plenty of neutrals for every day wear. There are seven mattes, six shimmers and two with glitter, and I’m genuinely obsessed with every single one.

This has got to be one of the most versatile palettes I own, and can lend itself to anything from soft and sweet girl next door, to full on, dark and vampy Sharon Needles realness.

Swatches of all sixteen shades on bare skin, no primer.

“But how does it perform?” I hear you all ask. Like an absolute dream, that’s how. It would be easy to be dubious of the shadow quality or pigmentation given phenomenally affordable pricetag, but Belle being the absolute babe that she is has really has put her heart and soul in to delivering us a top quality product here.

The shadows are smooth and creamy, there’s practically no fallout no matter how much you pile on, and they blend supremely. You’d be practically robbing yourself not to rush out and buy this palette immediately!

Everything is perfect, even down to the packaging. I reached out to Belle to ask if her talented tattoo artist hubby had been involved in designing the beautifully calligraphed cover logo. She was sweet enough to answer and let me know that the awesome design was actually penned by tattooist pal Justin Burnout, who has now firmly secured a place on my list of dream people to be tattooed by!

Serving my best Belle Jorden inspired sassy eye look.

It’s so refreshing to be delivered a palette this stunning and incredible at such a purse friendly cost without compromising on quality. Belle really has done herself proud on this one, it’s already cemented itself as one of my all time favourite palettes and gets a 10/10 from me. You go girl! (Does anyone actually still say that? No? Just me then…)

Pick yours up at now. Like right now. Or you’ll regret it forever. Seriously.

Until next time,

B x

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