Henna brows with Marcia at The Brow Houz.

It’s official, the nation has gone brow crazy. No longer is a good old wax and tint enough for the majority of us beauty obsessed lot, oh no, we’re now all about threading, HD brows, microblading, powder brows, ombre brows…the options are endless. News just in though, there’s a new kid on the brow obsessed block – henna brows are here, and they might just be a bit of a game changer.

Makeup artist and brow expert Marcia Wilkes kindly asked me along to the Brow Houz to give them a try, and as someone who spends a good ten minutes perfecting that sculpted brow look on a daily basis, I jumped at the chance to try out the treatment that promised to give me an extra ten minutes of snooze time in the mornings!

For the last two years, The Brow Houz has made a name for itself as the place to go for the best brows in Aberdeen, with beauty loving customers travelling from far and wide to up their brow game at this award winning salon.

Marcia has been based at the Brow houz for some time, offering up the most fabulous HD brows and gorgeous makeup looks to lots of loyal customers, and has recently added henna brows to her lineup.


My attention was well and truly grabbed and I was ‘dyeing’ (wayyyy! Geddit?!) to try them out… (I’ll see myself out).

I know what you’re thinking though – henna? Isn’t that just the stuff you get dodgy ‘tattoos’ with on holiday? Well absolutely not! Henna is a plant based dye that when made in to a paste, can be used to dye skin, hair, fabric and everything in between, and guess what, now brows too!

Here’s what Marcia had to say about what is set to be the latest brow trend:

‘Perfect for those who like to fill their brows in daily, but also want those extra ten minutes in bed. The henna tints the skin which lasts up to three weeks, as well as the hair which lasts up to six weeks. This treatment is suitable for vegans and vegetarians, and is made with 100% natural ingredients, the nutrients can help encourage hair growth for those who have sparse brows, or have ‘regrowth areas’.

Sounds pretty great, right? As a natural blonde with brows that grow in about three different directions, I struggle to get tint to stick to my brows for longer than a week, so this seemed like the ideal treatment for me.

For the record, Marcia is one of about two people in Aberdeen that I will trust to go anywhere near my brows due to still being traumatised by a waxing incident while modelling for a brows course at college (seriously, that shit sticks with you for life..). Marcia was fab from the start, first of all explaining how the treatment worked and what to expect, and then giving a detailed consultation to decide what colour and shape to go for – I went for dark brown to offset my freshly coppered hair, but if you aren’t feeling a bold as me, a variety of warmer and softer shades are available.

She was super thorough and paid the most amazing attention to detail making sure that they were just right, checking in with me several times and making minute changes before leaving the henna to work it’s magic. The treatment lasted about 45 minutes, with Marcia removing the henna from the inside of the brows a little earlier than the rest to achieve a fabulous ombre and very natural effect.

After removing the rest of the henna, Marcia waxed and shaped my brows to perfection and carved them out with a touch of concealer before checking that I was happy, and boy was I! Here are the before and afters, featuring close ups of my bonny spotty mug and 14 hour old eyeliner:

Would you believe that there is absolutely NO product in these brows?

I was actually pretty blown away by the results, my brows looked thicker, healthier, and absolutely bang-on in terms of colour and shape. Marcia gave me all of the aftercare information that I needed, including to avoid makeup and harsh makeup removers for the next 24 hours, and sent me on my way with a smile on my face a a bit of extra sass in my walk thanks to my sexy new brows. Thank you girl!

Two weeks later, still going strong, just like those pesky spots… No edits or makeup.

I know that you guys will want to know how it lasts, so here you are; two weeks later the tint has faded from the skin (but like I said, nothing ever sticks to my skin so that’s to be expected!) but the colour of the hair itself is still the same as it was directly after the treatment, and I’m still super happy with them!

I fully recommend giving this fab new treatment a go, and advise booking quickly as appointments with Marcia are sure to fill up in no time once the word gets out about how fab henna brows really are.

You can book your spot for henna brows (exclusive to Marcia) along with a host of other incredible treatments at The Brow Houz, or by getting in touch with Marcia directly. Find this gorgeous and talented girl on the links below!

Instagram – https://instagram.com/marciawilkesmakeup?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=gt5jkly2v996

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/marciawilkesmakeup/

Website – http://www.marciawilkes.co.uk

Until next time,

B x

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