Getting Christmas party ready with Kiko Milano.

With less than a week to go until the big day, parties are in full swing, prosecco is popping all around us and there’s more glitter in the air than at a pride march, and I’m not sad about one little bit.

At Christmas and New year, we really do pull out all the stops when it comes to looking our most fabulous. We spend hours, waxing, preening, plucking, pampering, tonging and everything in between to make sure that we are the belles of the ball, so who has time at the end of all that to fit in a makeup appointment too?!

Thanks to Kiko, you don’t have to, as their holiday collections are packed full of gorgeous, glittering goodies to help you get party ready in a flash.

This isn’t an ad by the way, I’m just a huge fan of Kiko’s affordable yet super high quality products. They may be a nightmare to work for (seriously, talking from experience here… avoid like that creepy guy with the bad breath at the office party…) but I keep coming back time and time again to stock up on their fantastic cruelty free cosmetics all the same.

Insider tip: a fair amount of Kiko products are dupes of high end products at a fraction of the price! Love Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation? Try Kiko’s Liquid Skin at less than half the price!

I’ve hand picked a selection of products to help you sparkle your way in to the new year that’ll save you a fortune on salon visits leaving more money for Prosecco, right..?

1. Kiko Glitter Shower Eyesadow – £8.90.

These incredibly glitter packed shadows make creating a sparkling eye look an absolute breeze. It genuinely could not be easier, just pop on a base shadow across the whole lid and blend upwards and outwards over the crease, then pick a good amount of the shadow with your finger tip (that’s right, no brushes or sticky glitter glue necessary!) and swipe across the lid. Easy peasy!

This is a single swipe of the eyeshadow, just look at that base pigment!

I chose shades 02 – Golden Rose, and 03 – Grape Topaz, which are fab to mix and match or wear alone. Finish with some smudged liner to smoke it out and some nice big lashes if you’re feeling bold enough.

2. Kiko Dark Treasure matte liquid lip colour – £8.90.

For me, I go for a liquid lip when facing a big night out every time, a girl needs a certain amount of staying power to get her through that many G&T’s! Especially if your night out involves a meal, nobody wants to be sneaking off to top up in between every course.

It’s safe to say that I am OBSESSED with Kiko’s latest offering, so I picked up two shades that will get you through the holiday season with more pout for your pound.

The smooth and completely opaque formula is super easy to apply in a single layer, while skipping a liner at the same time. It dries to a lovely soft matte and stays put all day with very little transfer, which is an absolute winner for me.

The shades I bought are 06 – Catching Red, which by the way might just be the most perfect shade of red I’ve ever found! It’s giving me serious Gwen Stefani vibes. Despite a blue undertone, you could rock this shade with any skin tone. Also 07 – Opulent Wine, a lovely rosy, berry shade, ideal for when opting for a simple eye such as a winged liner. It’s deep enough to add a bit of drama to a black dress, but not quite as intimidating as a red for those not used to wearing a bold lip.

3. Kiko Sparkling Holiday Glitter Nail Lacquer – £4.90.

We all love a good Christmas manicure, but do you really want to be wearing it every day for three weeks? Give yourself a pamper at home for your night out with these FABULOUS glitter nail lacquers.

Seriously, they are the bomb! Just pop on a nude base, slap on two coats of glitter, and top with the Kiko gel top coat, and bam! A salon quality manicure that will last for days!

I chose 01 – Gold in my mind, and 02 – Twee Rose, which by the way, match both shades of eyeshadow perfectly! What a fab wee secret Santa gift that would be.

I used both shades to create an ombre, which FYI, is near impossible to pick up on camera…but looked great in real life, honest!

This shimmering collection of goodies is sure to see me through the festive season in typically over the top style.

Don’t forget that if you want to give any of these a try before you buy, just pop in to a Kiko and ask an assistant to apply some for you or show you how to use them.

I hope you are all having the most wonderful festive season so far. Time for me to get back to guzzling mulled wine and eating my body weight in cheese.

Happy Christmas everyone,

B x

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